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Showing off my Warhol Collection in Wag The Wall Frames at Moderna Muséet

I believe every collector would really like to be able to show off his or her collection to others. I am no exception, having lent record covers to numerous exhibitions. I was never that impressed though by how they were presented. Until I discovered the display frames from Wag The Wall.

There are, as I am sure many of you know, loads of frames for LP records, ranging from the cheap IKEA version to more expensive ones. But I never found any of them particularly attractive as displays for my record collection.

That changed when Wag The Wall launched their display frame, The Magic Vinyl Display. I really like the radiating simplicity and elegance of this record holder. I am really happy that my collection of Andy Warhol's record covers will be shown in these frames in the upcoming Andy Warhol 1968 exhibition at Moderna Museet, Malmö, from March to September 2019.

Universal Music displaying their artist's albums in Wag The Wall frames in Tokyo.

The major part of my Andy Warhol collection of cover art will be showcased at the museum walls.

See you there!

Richard Forrest, RockDoc

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