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The company was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 by a team of vinyl music lovers. We like to keep things simple and truly believe that less is more. The Magic Vinyl Display embodies this philosophy by being created from a single piece of acrylic glass. Being so obvious in its simplicity makes one wonder why it hasn't been invented before. 

One may argue whether form follows function. We’re inclined to believe that form follows emotion!  After all, we've created a display for music and music is about emotions and memories, right!?

As mentioned earlier, we like to keep things simple but would never compromise on either form or function since they’re both so important. It's the clever interplay between them where harmony is discovered. The Magic Vinyl Display is not only beautiful, it’s also the most flexible and versatile display frame on the market. It allows you to store, andeasily access, up to seven 12-inch records per unit. Placing several units on your wall allows you to store an entire record collection, not to mention how amazing your wall will look.

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