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It's never been easier to display and store vinyl records on the wall. 

The Magic Vinyl Display is easy to wall-mount. Whether your walls are concrete, wooden or plasterboard, you can use the accompanying wall plug and screw to mount the magnetic wall dock. For concrete walls or wooden surfaces, use a 6mm drill bit. For plasterboard walls, use a 5mm drill bit. 

Thanks to the mounting system it’s also very easy to line the displays evenly as you hang them on only one flexible anchor point (the magnet). You can adjust the position of each display by sliding it in any direction. So even if a group of magnets is not exactly in line you can stil get the holders in line.


For optimal results, please follow these steps:




Step 1

Choose a desired wall location to mount your display(s). Before drilling, check for any hidden pipes or electrical cables. If the location is safe, mark it using a pencil. When mounting a row of displays, using a water level for increased accuracy is recommended.


Step 2

Drill a hole at the previously marked location. Make sure the hole is slightly deeper than the wall plug. A hole approximately 30-35mm deep should be sufficient.



Step 3

Regardless of material, its important that the drill bit creates a hole exactly (90°) perpendicular to the surface.


Step 4

If finger pressure isn’t enough, a light tap with a hammer should be enough to push the plug all the way so that it aligns flush against the wall surface. Once complete, you may now secure the magnetic wall dock by screwing in the attached screw. 

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