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”I really like the Magic Vinyl Display”, says Christian Geller, one of Germany’s most successful songwriter and music producer. His amazing track record includes recordings for Banaroo (Top 10 Germany), A-Ha (No.1 US)  and BeFoUr (No.1 Germany). 


He now works as a songwriter, producer and arranger. He develops strategies and concepts for musical brands and artists. His own musical taste is broad. He listens to everything from Michael Jackson, Madonna, Gregory Porter to Diana Krall, says Geller. With 27 MVDs on his wall, he now enjoys seeing his collection of signed vinyl record sleeves.


– These are the records that influenced my career as a songwriter/producer. It’s fantastic to see them displayed in such a stylish way. The Magic Vinyl Displays really enhances the appearance and makes each record cover a piece of art.


The Magic Vinyl Display is highly flexible and no other display system sports the same versatility in function. Displaying gatefold sleeves by using two MVDs side-by-side is easy and will enhance the display possibilities of your favourite album covers.


Vinyl Music Lovers all over the world have ordered The Magic Vinyl Display. But which are the top 10 countries so far?
Well, we didn’t have to browse the sales figures for long to see that Sweden is still our top market, followed by the United States with Germany hot at its heels. 

To our great surprise there’s quite some interest for vinyl records and MVDs in Singapore which despite being a small country is number four on our list! 

In general, MVDs have been ordered from all continents except Africa (and Antartica, for obvious reasons…)

So, from which African country can we hope to get our first order? An easy guess would be South Africa where vinyl record sales have spiked in the past few years, according to Vinyl Junky, a record store in Johannesburg.


Below you can see all countries (in descending order) to which MVDs have been shipped to:

  1. Sweden

  2. USA

  3. Germany

  4. Singapore

  5. Australia

  6. United Kingdom

  7. France 

  8. Switzerland

  9. Croatia

  10. Belarus, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation 

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